We are offering our new printing service: Screen Printing. We make the screen printing process simple and provide our customers with a high-quality finished product in a short amount of time.

Printing Requirements:

  • First, if you created the art yourself or worked with a designer to create it for you, please send us the original file with text converted to outlines.  Typically .ai, .eps, .pdf (with layers).  A transparent .png at desired print size will work as well, but we won't have the ability to tweak if the image if needed.
  • If the art was created in Photoshop or similar program, then ideally the image will be 150 dpi or greater at the desired image size to be printed on the shirt. We can print 72 dpi, but the art needs to be large in actual size (like wallpaper).  If you have questions, just send us the file and we'll help.
Important things to remember:
  • When creating a design, keep in mind the more colors you use in screen printing, the cost increases.
  • Another thing to remember is that ordering customized t-shirts is like bulk shopping, the more you order—the less the price is for each t-shirt. If you are a charity or business you may want to consider buying more than you need right now to save money because you may foresee yourself ordering more in a few months.

How Screen Printing works?

Once you send us your design (art), we take your graphic and separate the colors then we take the matching colors and ink a screen with the coordinating hue. Think of your design in layers. Each layer of color is pressed onto the shirt then flash dried between each layer. After all of the layers have been placed on the shirt we place the individual shirts on a conveyer belt heater and allow them to role throw while drying at 380 degrees. After each shirt is completely dry we check for quality, then box them up and ship them right to you.

Getting your custom shirts with us is easy!

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