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Printing Requirements:

  •  If you created the art yourself or worked with a designer to create it for you, please send us the original file with text converted to outlines.  Typically .ai, .eps, .pdf (with layers).  A transparent .png at desired print size will work as well, but we won't have the ability to tweak if the image if needed.
  •  If the art was created in Photoshop or similar program, then ideally the image will be 150 dpi or greater at the desired image size to be printed on the shirt. We can print 72 dpi, but the art needs to be large in actual size (like wallpaper).  If you have questions, just send us the file and we'll help. 
  •  If submitting a transparent png, please make sure the image is saved at the size it will be printed on the shirt or larger.  If you're unsure, then save it to 13" wide.  Please make sure to save as transparent.  We cannot print from JPG unless printing on a white shirt. 
  • Company Logos.  If you're with a corporation or small business, it's very likely someone has a vector image of your logo.  We need that.  Please don't send us the 1-inch x 1-inch logo from your companies website.  We can print it, but you won't like it.  Ask your art department or designer for either a Vector image or a hi-res logo (150 dpi or higher). 
  • How to Make sure your Image or Photograph will Look Great when Printed? Try viewing your artwork on screen at 200% or greater magnification.  

DTG Benefits:

  • Water Based Inks: Our environmentally friendly, pigmented water-based inks that are also naturally sourced, soak into the fabric to create a soft natural feeling print.
  • Unlimited Colors: Full colors. We don’t charge by color. Feel free to use as many colors as your imagination desires. 
  • Amazing Soft Hand Feel: DTG feels softer than other print methods. This is because the ink permanently adheres to the shirt fibers. The imprint will last as long as the life of the shirt.

* Graphic design help offered *

* Prices varies by Quantity*

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