What exactly is DTG Printing?

Direct‑to‑garment decoration technology has experienced a boom recently, due to a surge in on-demand printing.

But what exactly is Direct-to-garment decoration?

Think about ordering a t-shirt online. You find the brand or logo you want, the right color and size, add it to your cart and check out. Is it truly that simple? For the consumer, yes. They believe when they find that shirt online that it already exists and is sitting on a shelf waiting to be shipped. In reality, this is when the decorator takes over!

Wait. Did I forget a step?

In this Blog, we’ll show you the 4 Steps for DTG Printing on High Quality Custom Garments.

Digital Garment Printing can be a solution for small quantities, hasty needs, and it can also be a source of exclusive products that are not easily replicated.

Step 1. Prepare Artwork:

It starts with a vector or raster file that your client would like to have printed. In the case of direct to garment printing, files must first be checked for compression artifacts, color profiled, as well as going through a process of color correction specific to the garment color by a production artist.

Step 2. Prepare Garment:

Pre-Treating Equipment:

Printing on dark garments, pretreating is required. Using industry standard equipment, the shirts are sprayed with a fine mist of a specially formulated liquid.

Step 3: Printing:

The manual labor is finished, but now the printer has to lay up to three layers of ink in a consistent, uniform manner over 288 square inches (16x18 platen) with no errors.

Step 4: Drying & Final Quality Inspection:

For white ink to cure properly, it must be kept in 356 degrees for at least 5 minutes. Then the garment must be inspected for any imperfections.

DTG Benefits:

  • Water Based Inks: Our environmentally friendly, pigmented water-based inks that are also naturally sourced, soak into the fabric to create a soft natural feeling print.
  • No Minimum: You can order as few or as many shirts as you want, making DTG great for one time events. Of course the more t-shirts you print, the lower the cost.

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