Black History Month

Very, very, very excited to put my bit to honor Black History Month!

I studied in El Salvador from Preschool to University. I did not know anything about our Afro-Salvadoran/Afro-descendant History. They do not teach us anything about it in our schools. These Afro-Communities faced discrimination and erasure within Salvadorean society. And, we are told nothing!

I also try to do some reading on Afro-descendant people in Latin American cities and towns. With the exception of a few fearless activists, well-educated Historians and Anthropologists, there is very little out there! It’s like black people in Latin America do not exist! Their history is unknown and forgotten. El Salvador is not the exception. It’s the rule!

With this design, we affirm our Black History in our Latin American Communities with our flags and our color.

I really hope you like this design, but most important, learning to unlearn and support each other as a community during this journey.